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Laser heating system


The portable laser heating system developed based on diamond anvil cell technology, consisting of air-cooled fiber laser, integrated optical path, monitor and temperature measurement device. The whole device is very light, easy to move, there is no complex optical path debugging problem, the laser life is long, the operation is very convenient, easy to use. The system is currently used in conventional experiments and synchrotron radiation laboratories. The successful development of portable laser heating system reduces the threshold of high temperature and high pressure research, and further promotes the development of high pressure material science.


Simulate the state of the material inside the planets, explore and synthesize new materials under extreme conditions, laser perforation, etc.

main instrumentation

  1. Laser: British SPI products; fiber lasers; Specifications SP-50C-A-S6-A-A; maximum power 50W; wavelength 1070 nm.

  2. Cutting head: imported components assembly,working focal length 80mm, CCD visual monitoring system.

laser heating effect picture

laser perforation effect picture

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