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Electrochemical Operando Cell
Electrochemical operando Cell (EC-HP) is a unique operando electrochemical cell for optical characterization under external pressure field. It can be designed to a two-electrode or three-electrode system according to customer's requirement. The operando cell equipped with inlet and outlet gas ports. By the gas ports, the users can add the gas pressure into the cell body, up to 10 bar. Meanwhile, an optical path is setup in the cell body in the horizontal direction, which allows users to take various optical characterizations, such as visible / laser detection, infrared spectroscopy and other online optical testing.

Main features:

  1. The operando cell is a customized electrochemical cell, which can be taken different optical characterizations under different gas pressure conditions;

  2. The additional pressure can be arranged from 1 to 10 bars by means of gas pressurization;

  3. The operando cell can be designed to a two-electrode or three-electrode system according to customer's requirement;

  4. One optical path with a size of φ3mm, is setup in the body cell, which can be extended for in situ visible light, laser and infrared spectroscopy testing;

  5. The sample size can be adjusted from 3 to 10mm with a maximum thickness of 2mm;

  6. The body cell is made of PTFE material, the volume of the operando cell can be designed according to customer requirements;

  7. Optical window with a size of φ5mm, has several different choices, including quartz, sapphire, and other IR windows;

  8. The whole installation of the device is simple and fast, and the cleaning of each component is convenient.


Optional accessories: optical quartz, sapphire, fluoride and other IR windows.
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