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Catalytic Operando System


Photocatalytic operando cell (PC-FXAS-II) is designed for in situ XAFS data acquisition during photocatalytic reactions. The operando cell is suitable for gas-liquid two-phase reaction in the transmission mode. When a liquid reaction is employed, the thickness of the liquid layer can be adjusted through the window. A photo path inlet is disposed in the vertical direction of the X-ray incident path to introduce ultraviolet-visible light. It is equipped with an access control port to control the normal creep of gas or liquid. It is a very compact and convenient operando reaction cell equipment.

Main features:

  1. The operando cell is a customized photocatalytic cell, which can be applied for X-ray absorption spectrum characterization in transmission mode.

  2. The operando cell can perform gas-liquid two-phase reactions;

  3. In the liquid phase reaction process, the thickness of the liquid layer can be adjusted through the X-ray windows, the adjustment range is 0-2mm, and the adjustment precision is: ±0.05mm;

  4. The photo path inlet is provided to ensure that ultraviolet light can be incident on the sample surface;

  5. the size of the incident X-ray window is 8mm, and sample size can be adjusted (> φ10mm) for easy disassembly ;

  6. The operando cell is provided with an inlet and outlet control port, which can be used to introduce a reaction gas during the experiment to create a different reaction atmosphere, or to creep liquid during the liquid phase reaction;

  7. The whole installation of the cell is simple and fast, and the cleaning of each component is convenient.


Optional accessories: Kapton film, high purity beryllium window, other types of optical windows.

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