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Catalytic Operando System


The high temperature catalytic operando setup (HTC-TXAS-500) is designed for in situ XAFS data acquisition with different temperatures for gas-solid interface catalytic reactions. This operando setup uses a heating furnace to heat the catalyst, making the sample temperature more uniform and accurate. Compared with other heating stages, this operando cell can be set up to a maximum temperature of 1000 °C. Benefitting from the unique gas path design, the operando cell can make sure that different kinds of gases should pass through the target catalyst samples. Due to the transmission mode for XAFS data acquisition, kinds of X-ray windows can be used on both sides of the cell, such as Kapton films, Be metals. A higher and more uniform temperature system allows the users to select more appropriate parameters for in-situ observation in more applications, which is the biggest advantage of this operando setup.

Main features:

  1. The operando setup is suitable for high temperature gas-solid catalytic reactions, and can collect synchronous radiation X-ray absorption spectrum data online during the reaction process;

  2. The operando cell operates in the transmission mode;

  3. The heating temperature range of the device: RT-500 °C, temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ° C;

  4. Sample size: φ6-10mm, thickness can be fine-tuned according to sample absorption: <= 2mm;

  5. The operando cell is equipped with an inlet and outlet junctions, which can deal with different reaction gases during the experiment and make sure gas passing through the sample effectively;

  6. The operando cell adopts transmission mode to collect XAFS data, and there are various options for X-ray windows on both sides, such as high-purity Be window, Kapton film, etc.

  7. The size of the incident X-ray window is about φ10mm;

  8. The operando setup can well match the X-ray absorption line stations of different synchrotron radiation sources;

  9. The body cell is equipped with a water cooling system to ensure that the surface temperature of the cell is lower than 60 °C.


Optional accessories: Kapton film, high purity beryllium window, other types of optical windows.

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