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Scintillation crystal and substrate
Bi12SiO20 crystal and substrate

Use: BGO has a variety of isotope isomerss. Bi4Ge3O12 have cubic crystal system, point group 43m. Melting point 1050 ℃. It can emit fluorescence when excited by light, X-ray, α and γ-ray. Excitation spectrum of 305nm, fluorescence spectra of 480~510nm, light output temperature coefficient of -1%/℃, critical energy of 10.5MeV. It has effective atomic coefficient, short fluorescence decay time and can used in electron-positron collider as the detection materials for high-energy rays.

Bi12SiO20 crystal and substrate
Preparation methods 提拉法 
Crystal structure Cubica=10.146A
Density 9.2 g/cm3
Orientation <100><110>±0.5o 
Size 45×45mm45×50mm,10×10×0.5mm5×5×0.5mm
Polished One side or double side polished
Surface roughness ≤5Å
Package 100 clean bags, single or multi-chip wafer box

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